The Diocese of Salford is recruiting a Choral Director

We are delighted to announce our successful bid to join the National Schools Singing Programme, with a seed funding of £75,000 awarded by the Hamish Ogston Foundation to fund a new Choral Director. The programme will be led by Salford Cathedral’s Director of Music Alex Patterson, who has over ten years’ experience leading dynamic singing sessions in schools. The Schools Singing Programme marks an expansion in Salford Cathedral’s grassroots Music Programme, bringing its attitude towards evangelisation through singing into the wider diocese.

The National Schools Singing Programme is active in Catholic dioceses around the country and has already met with great success. Working from a model of accessible whole-class singing, the programme has brought diversity to choral groups in Catholic schools across the UK.

The programme has demonstrated the potential for inclusive musical education to improve children’s mental health, teamwork, academic achievements and to create a more powerful long-term interaction with the Catholic faith. This has been especially clear in disadvantaged areas, where parents and teachers have noticed a profound increase in the confidence and well-being of their children since the Singing Programme began.

Our new Choral Director and the Cathedral Music Team will travel around the Diocese of Salford, working with children and teachers to institute long-term musical programmes comprising both of singing sessions during school hours and after-school choirs. We are currently recruiting for the Choral Director role – find out more here.