The National Schools Singing Programme is for all Catholic dioceses in the UK to create or enhance their own music programmes for children educated in Catholic state schools. This initiative is founded and supported by the Hamish Ogston Foundation.

NSSP's Impact

Our diocesan school music programme is one of the most effective forms of evangelisation I have seen and experienced. Our young people are discovering a new confidence in themselves.

Marcus Stock, Bishop of Leeds and Chair of the Catholic Education Service

I was immersed in Catholic liturgy singing in the Cathedral Choir as a student at Huddersfield University and saw first hand how the Diocesan Singing Programme brought huge numbers of children to the celebration of Mass.

Seminarian, Diocese of Leeds

The boys and girls choirs have brought their friends, parents and families back into church and regular Mass attendance. Five years in, I can really see my parish growing.

Parish Priest, Diocese of Leeds

Choir improves my belief in God. Everyone has different backgrounds but we all sing together in unison. I’d like to stay in choir for a really long time!

Pupils at a Leeds school

Our morning sessions fill the school with beautiful singing that uplifts all who hear it. The programme has had a brilliant impact on the quality of work from the pupils, in all subjects – not only in music and church life.

Headteacher, Catholic Primary School

My experiences with the Bradford Catholic Boys Choir have shaped me as a person. Growing up in inner-city Bradford with limited options, the choir gave me the confidence to aspire to more.

Josh, member of the Bradford Catholic Boys Choir


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