The Diocese of Paisley joins the NSSP

‘Our Diocese is excited to be joining the National Schools Singing Programme. We have high hopes for the fresh momentum it promises to bring our young people’s ministry in introducing our schools to the Church’s wide tradition of sacred music and encouraging children’s choirs for our parish Sunday Masses. Our recent diocesan synod called for a new evangelisation through the laity living their vocations and talents to the full. It placed special emphasis on our youth to bring new life and possibilities to our Church and looked to engage them through pastoral ministries that joined together their schools, parishes and families in building up their Church involvement. We have been on the lookout for programmes to help us in our efforts and the National Schools Singing Programme has been like manna from Heaven. From the very beginning they have been on hand to help us not just with generous funding but also with all the practicalities needed in putting our project together and have been full of the sort of hands-on encouragement and reassurance that is helping bring our hopes to life.’

Bishop John Keenan, Bishop of Paisley