Scotland forges ahead with Evangelisation through Music

NSSP Scotland Adviser David Meiklejohn notes that schools in the Diocese of Aberdeen have already provided positive feedback from the appointment of the new NSSP Choral Director, Mr Gordon Jack. The potential to influence the liturgical life of the school and parish as well as the home is extensive. The programme includes youngsters of all backgrounds and abilities and belonging to a choir at an early age can be life changing. Many friends, parents and grandparents will want to attend Mass where youngsters have an important role in singing the liturgy. The scope for renewed evangelisation is unmistakable.

‘Gordon Jack has been working with our school and children since August 2021 and this has been a very successful collaboration. Mr Jack works with all our classes from Primary 1 to Primary 7 and it is lovely to see everyone joining in at assemblies with confidence. This is a fantastic opportunity for children not just to sing but to learn to sing well and we feel truly blessed to have Mr Jack on our team here at St. Sylvester’s.’
Julie Lloyd, Head Teacher, St Sylvester’s R.C. Primary School, Elgin

‘There has been lots of positive feedback from both staff and pupils regarding Gordon’s involvement with the school. Every week we notice an improvement in children’s confidence as they participate in the singing sessions. This is lovely to see. Every week he teaches the children our weekly hymn for assembly. Teaching staff are benefitting from the St Peter’s Music workbook that Gordon has put together and enjoy practising the rhymes and songs with children throughout the week. Gordon is able to gauge the children’s interests and adapts the pace and content of the sessions to meet each class’s needs.’
Chloe Cormack, Acting Head Teacher, St. Peter’s R.C. Primary School, Buckie